If it had been Me

If it had been me
You will never have those
Crystals in your eyes
to flow onto your cheeks
I bet you will never have
to sob on moonlight
with his silhouette on your back
You will forever be
the princess of your man
If it had been me
all this while
until now
If I hadn’t lose you
my dear

When You Get Tired

Have you sometimes or even once felt like quitting? Did you quit? In life, we come to the point where we do not know the purpose of what’s happening. Are these trials here to strengthen us? Well I love to entertain that thought on my mind whenever conflict arises but at the back of my mind I am thinking, “Are they really for that?” We can’t help our selves from thinking that way, I mean, I think, That is one of the imperfection of our genetic engineering. Our mind goes beyond the things we just want to conceive leading us to weird questions that needs an answer that, we know and certain, is very irrelevant from what we are living for.

When you get tired of running, you have options to decrease your speed, jog, then walk or stop. Basically, that’s how life goes. It is a never ending running, you hop over short bars of challenges, sometimes you successfully pass, sometimes you fall on ground. You get wounds, cramp muscles. bruise and sweat. You meet people along the way, running with you or others are running against your way. You go through rough roads, smooth, steep and flats. You know what’s waiting at the end of your run? That is the greatest surprise of life.

Now when you get tired of your run, REST but never STOP. Rest to regain your strength, rest and refuel. Why stopping should not be your option? You know that with your self. Life is meant to be traveled. It is not about how many times you fall or how many times you jump over obstacles. Life is made to meet people along the way and share smiles with them. Life is not about counting how many goes against you way, it is about finding someone to run with you through all. Life if a precious race with a surprise at the finish line. Aren’t you excited for your surprise? You feel like quitting? Take a rest, but never ever stop.


I’m Singing Again


Lost words, I never find them
The rhyme, I leave them broken
Coldness, I’ll let you kiss my feet
I’ll be still here where I sit
Looking far at unreachable stars
Hoping them to pour some tears
I’m about to escape this bloody bars
I’m not going back I’m covering my ears
The hate the cold I have inside
eaten by love as they collide
Beats the drum once again
And started the song I sung
I’ll grasp all the air left in my lung
Today my singing begins

My room

Let Me In Out There.

Confined in endless galactic space
Where our devours and sights are feed
By luminescence of streaks
On white sheet of Sh*ts
This is my room
The endless doom
the scentless bloom
Let me in on it.
let me out of this.
Let me fly and dive
Let the door remains open
I just need a notepad and pen


Agony of the Daughter

2213-girl sitting in corner.220w.tn


Here we are again

Nearer you come nearer

I can clearly hear

I can clearly see

I again feel it in my bones

the shivering and trembling of my soul

the fear… no the dread

the feeling close to death




few more steps

I know you’ll reach me




I know what’ll happen next

The lick,that burning warmth of your tongue

you’re hands

you’re body…





Mom help me.

Dad is in my room again…





Filipino Poetry by vhanfire



Girl come and BREAK my HEART
Make me FALL and LEAVE me behind
TEAR my SOUL and throw them apart
SHOW your SHEEN and make me BLIND

KISS me with your VENOM
Like MAN’S SPIT in bathroom

TRAP me with your CHARM
ENCHANT me and ASK me to DIE
I want a LIFE so DUMB
DROP me on the GROUND as we FLY

These may just be ENOUGH
To CONFIRM if I still have the HEART
I WANT thing sand feelings tough
Because this is how the END STARTS!

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