Filipino Poetry by vhanfire



Girl come and BREAK my HEART
Make me FALL and LEAVE me behind
TEAR my SOUL and throw them apart
SHOW your SHEEN and make me BLIND

KISS me with your VENOM
Like MAN’S SPIT in bathroom

TRAP me with your CHARM
ENCHANT me and ASK me to DIE
I want a LIFE so DUMB
DROP me on the GROUND as we FLY

These may just be ENOUGH
To CONFIRM if I still have the HEART
I WANT thing sand feelings tough
Because this is how the END STARTS!

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Filipino Poetry by vhanfire


And I’m gazing on silent stars
Fascinated by beauty at far
Shouting in the dark sky
Cold wind embraces me
And your smile is what I see
Then teased to stand the coldness
Waiting for your fall
That’s why I’m still through all
I hope you can hear my heart call
I’m waiting for your fall
Can’t even close my eyes
Cause you might fly so fast
Solitude will be so vast
If I’ll miss you this empty night
Heartbeats go so loud and eccentric
Like watching for the magic trick
I wish you’ll fall tonight; in my arms
Cause I want to hug you tight; with all my warmth

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I die, she lives 

from the moment i entrust my heart
she started to do the art 
of tearing it apart
i don’t know when she starts
the girl who sips the lust
of my masculinity and bust
bites my lips almost on burst 
is now a memory of my past
with the virginity i gave
there’s nothing left saved
there’s nothing more to have
i die, she lives

Borrowed Moments



I can still remember when she’s mine

When she’s his; yes, ours

Her wicked smile that’s so divine

Deplete my priceless hours


She pulls me down on bed at night

and covers my peripheral sight

I wasn’t blind that time at all

I know how my friends used to call


This silly man has been a slave

and hadn’t been that brave

to cut the rope that traps the trap

and made him a vulnerable scrap


End comes like twilight beckon

seems a dusk with flight of doves

These borrowed moments left me forlorn

but at least I knew I loved

I did love…


This Poem Kills Me

Meadow flooded with gray

leaving sheep astray

Blue sea turns blue

’tis the loneliest place i ever knew


Blood shed above east

This cold wind is but the least

a mending ground from shake can feel

after on its chest, sharp thorns dwell


This poem tries to draw a lovely curve

on world’s face I almost cursed

it writes lines of pretense-blurred

 with wicked borrowed force


’tis failure, the service I don’t get

but frowning is never to make a face of regret

‘coz everything that’s left is just vanity

I don’t care anymore, this poem kills me


Moving on

Pain is my fuel

but I am still

Time pushes hard

Pulled back by love we had

Today I’ll keep the same promise

that tomorrow will be demise

of this insanity

that keeps me living secretly

It’ll be gone

It’ll be gone

How, what, when then frown

It’s still you

Oh! Why still you?

This silly truth drags me down.

Full Moon



I can see your beauty painted on the sky

your sheen that hovers over my soul

your coldness that embraces me with all warmth

your silence that causes this deafening beat

You’re far

but these eyes will forever be yours

You’ll fall

Maybe when my dreaming beckon

Oh! Breathtaking full moon…