I’m Telling You (Something about young love)

I was telling them I forgot you

But that keeps me reminded

of the things I should have forget

but I can’t

I was telling them it hurts no more

And that’s my way of saying it still does

I was telling them I have new one

Who cares about the old and the new?

They are both you

I was telling them I let you go

And yes you’re not mine anymore

But what I don’t tell them is that I still

and will forever belong to you

….. Writing poem such as this one is definitely an escape from loneliness and longing or more probably a way of letting your feeling be shown. Teenage love, I guess I should’nt have to call it this way, I’m 21 now. 🙂 But love is timeless, It never change, this is the way how I felt it before, even during the first time. This is why I called the girls I had my first love… A friend once told me, If you are not ready to be hurt, don’t fall in love. What the hell you’re talking, I thought, and this is the answer. Not all questions are meant to be answered the moment you ask it. I know now. Does love really suck? I mean, does this really hurt us? Well I guess I have to leave you hanging with this one. I am thinking of writing another article for this. Thank you for reading… 🙂 _vhanfire





I was sitting by my window

Silently staring on the moon

She is very lovely tonight

Like an iris of my eye

Well she has always been very wonderful to me


Beside me is my table

With a blank sheet and a sleeping pen

Unlike the moon the sheet is pure

My heart has no more to paint on it


Beside the sheet is a tearing vase

With roses of falling season

I was not sure where I put them

Deep into that venomous water


Just on the foot of the vase is a ring

That glints after moon hides

From the dark blanket on the sky


That ring was once worn by the moon

Even the roses were once hers

The sheet is empty because

That is the last page of our story I’ve once wrote…