We are all clay
may be a pot
You make your worth
when molding starts



I was a twig and you’re my Autumn leaf
Of our last falling season
When Earth aligned with moon perfectly
That turns the night bloody

Blood remained on the sky
As Aurora shouts on East
Today I will never climb again with my feet
Because I will be a butterfly 


In Her Womb


There lies the bliss we once had
When I was just an innocent lad
It seals the contract we do not know
To take care, to give faith, to endowI used to envisage things as a man
Who carries his blood and flesh on his hand
And she is my queen of our wooden kingdom
Can’t wait until my prince come

Those things just vanished away
When roses turn pale and rainbow is gray
I didn’t have ask her if she wants or may
Carry our fruit until its ripening day

She pushed and pulled the being down
Quaff to satisfy her thirst of freedom
Freedom from mockery and blotch
That from this insane world, she’s afraid to catch


by: vhanfire




Darkness once cuts my eyes
Hearing the saddest goodbye
Watering the hays on spring
Like newly weds couple ring

Forget those passed rain
For clear skies are at the east
Let go of your thousand pains
For you’re heading for the best

Today, let your ears hear the song
That deafen you for so long
And let those tears you’ve given away
Make some rainbow in this brand new day.