Notes of love and regrets
Rhyming and discord
slow beat of my heart
calls for your attention
out of tune this old piano sing
with my fingers aching
once you held these hands
once this song is ours
Where is the promise we made?
the music we shared
was your heart has been deafen?
can you still hear mine calling?
soft tone, like a lullaby
I wanna sleep, or may be die…

Love: The other way around


takes us
to the place
closed to dread and

Author Notes

love is always positive but come to think, if we don’t love, we’ll not get hurt, we’ll not get angry and there’ll be no place for hate and fear in our heart.

© Vhanfire. All rights reserved,

Thunder II

I wonder why people are frighten

Of this huge voice rom heaven

nobody see nor even had seen

no one have drawn it, even painter’s pen


I wonder where does it came from

or what does it means, what it’s sayin’

all I know is it comes in one form

unexpectedly, even it’s not rainin’


Thunder you are a mystery

were you’ve been asked byanybody?

thunder are you what I’m feelin’

Well I guess no, where is the lightnin’?



I was thinking to write the dearest lines
and tell the words to sing for you
The clock counts restlessly, and times–
I got nothing until it’s due

Holding my nape, looking downwards
choosing the letters not to spell awkward
Can I write a perfect poem?
I guess I can’t, flowers won’t bloom

My pen had retched dumb notions
Mute, Spiritless, pale and empty
How can I paint all my emotion
when words coming out are all silly?

I browse for books and Shakespeare’s sonatas
Hoping that I can see something to dedicate
to tell how I feel about you dear
but nothing fit, all in despair

I told my heart to write a love
and words i wrote all flew above
Pardon me dear cause all I knew
There’s no perfect poem to tell how much