Her hair is long and soft
As it’s keenly placed on her porcelain skin
She loves to show her shoulders off
Like inviting me to sin

She has these perfect eyes
That hide when she smiles
So demure, charming and nice
Oozing with cold fires

Her voice is sweet and lovely
Like those of fairies’
She moves just so fine
How I wish she’s mine

This girl once kissed me
But that time she wasn’t this pretty
Now she became a regret of my yesterday’s life
As she is now my best friend’s wife


When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore


When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore
And kneeling is but a failure
When flowers can’t keep their scent
And she forgot to bend

When songs become numb words
And guitar has broken chords
When our story comes to its end
And I can’t comprehend

I know you’ll let me die
Like bird I won’t fly
Take me wherever you’ll be
If you don’t want then just never leave me

I’ll be lost and despaired
This heart will be impaired
The waves will not kiss the shore
When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore