Notes of love and regrets
Rhyming and discord
slow beat of my heart
calls for your attention
out of tune this old piano sing
with my fingers aching
once you held these hands
once this song is ours
Where is the promise we made?
the music we shared
was your heart has been deafen?
can you still hear mine calling?
soft tone, like a lullaby
I wanna sleep, or may be die…

Turning Around


think we’re done
yet I’m afraid
to see the next dawn
so like a a new moon
expect me home
when dusk fired on west
I will come to you
so hear my chest’s

Swing me on the Sky


Trapped in the midst
of storm and haste
holding the chain
that connects me to reality
I can’t go down now
my feet are not yet ready
to feel the burning hell
that’s waiting for me
let me wait here until the sun shine
below this forlorn clouds
few hours to go the stars will be awake
and I’ll sit my tired heart to rest
swing me on the sky
where everything is unreal
I want it better than to slide
and plunged to reality
Let me escape
let me…


The Melting Point

Above my head and in the middle of dark wide sky
blood shed on clouds
This lonely world rests in silence
but a calling noisily shouts in my head

No! and a gunshot
one, two, three and the quibble settles
The car starts to run like a bunny hunted by a snake
and I see the snake on tail light flashing

Silence kills my senses
as I feel the cold floor with my feet
The moment the moon hides
a silhouette is all I see

She lies on her bed
My mouth lost for words while tears are flowing warm
the thawing heart cries…calling her name

Above my head and in the middle of dark wide sky
one, two, three and the quibble settles
The moment the moon hides
the thawing heart cries… Mama!!!