You hit like on my post
I wish i have the same button on me
You hit share to let them see
When will you be showing me?

You laugh alone, on silly comments
Those laughs before came from my jests
You greet your friends on their birthday
you seem to forget, it was mine yesterday

Just like facebook, we once had clicked
And times flew past do you forget
Before you were in a relationship with me
But now I was on your block list 




Girl come and BREAK my HEART
Make me FALL and LEAVE me behind
TEAR my SOUL and throw them apart
SHOW your SHEEN and make me BLIND

KISS me with your VENOM
Like MAN’S SPIT in bathroom

TRAP me with your CHARM
ENCHANT me and ASK me to DIE
I want a LIFE so DUMB
DROP me on the GROUND as we FLY

These may just be ENOUGH
To CONFIRM if I still have the HEART
I WANT thing sand feelings tough
Because this is how the END STARTS!

My Moon


You are my moon in the dark wide sky
Decorated with thousand gleaming lights
When dreams and wishes start to fly
They’ll come to you with all might

Ears are deafen as you whisper
Your voice like soft thunder
Your pale beauty is just right
To roll deceptions and take me to flight

For some reasons you can stop the time
When you come down to my arms
All I can hear are some sighs of chimes
And on my chest is your breath so warm

And when I open my eyes, nothing I found
You remained up high and I’m on ground
Fantasies turn all to fraud
As your light is taken by the clouds


Tha last quarter of the moon hides

Some sleeth begin to slide

The stars are deaf, mute and blind

Watching the leaves on their silent glide

the lake whispers lurid words

Out of tune like broken chords

Shinning through the light of moon above

Glistening in every flight of clouds so numb

Repentance is like a lonely night

Long and killing the cold is tight

After the dreaming, counting of sheeps

The dawn will break to cut your sleep



We dreamt together for tomorrow
We paint the sky with rainbow
We shared dumb and heart full laughter
We wrote our story brighter
We ran on rain and enjoy the river
We were wet and happy together
We wanted our days to never end
We never wish for heart to mend
We suffer storm and shaken by thunder
We break apart and lost forever
We never see again each other
We now just dream of dream we shared

When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore


When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore
And kneeling is but a failure
When flowers can’t keep their scent
And she forgot to bend

When songs become numb words
And guitar has broken chords
When our story comes to its end
And I can’t comprehend

I know you’ll let me die
Like bird I won’t fly
Take me wherever you’ll be
If you don’t want then just never leave me

I’ll be lost and despaired
This heart will be impaired
The waves will not kiss the shore
When Sorry can’t Speak Anymore