I cut my wrist to sip some ink
That I’ll feed to my senseless point
The taste and smell makes me strong
And I know with ink I can’t go wrong

I touch the letters with the tip of my tongue
And OH! Sweet honey from black bees I tasted
My lips were filled with lust
To kiss this venomous ink

Endless rapture flows through my veins
Glorious! I love this feeling
Kill me now and bring me in despair
I like it dark when with poems smeared





Goblin glass is full of water,
Stars, flesh and air
Tears are in despair
Gleaming, my eyes’re impaired
How can I compare
This life, a nightmare
To thou shall I share
and thou would not care
My body is living’ bare
standing cold winds of winter
Heart is torn and hammered
but hands won’t be hampered
Let the music play forever
on this wide galactic paper
Let thy venom kill the river
but thou can’t kill the spirit of a writer!